The Painted Walls of Bushwick (Pt. II)

A mural done by Li Hill, Adnate and Jess Crema.

My last post found a friend of mine wandering Brooklyn, NY with me checking out street art. Coming from one of the best cities in North America for street art (Montreal Mural Fest), he has me looking around for good work more and more these days. We stumbled upon some cool stuff after alighting the train in Bushwick (here), but had no idea we would find what we did.

In Bushwick there is an entity called the Bushwick Collective ( that helps keep the art on walls going very strong in the area. It was the brain child of a local Joe Ficalora it has grown to include international artists from far and wide, making Bushwick an open art gallery! This is definitely an off the beaten path from the ususal NYC tourist zone! Pick a random day and time…art will be there!

Opening this page is a Tibetan refugee with what looks to be leopards springing forth! This is called “Freedom” and was done by Canadian Brooklynite Li Hill (, Australian Matt Adnate (, and fellow Australian Jess Crema ( I found more info about it here!

Unfortunately, being street art, sometimes factors get in the way of photography such as cars trucks and other man made monstrosities that are always a hindrance to the street shooter! Angles may appear weird but you do what you have to!

By Way of Ireland

Dublin artist Solus' current wall piece in Bushwick.
Dublin artist Solus’ current wall piece in Bushwick.

The ballerina with the boxing gloves is work by Dublin artist Solus. ( Solus is also a gallery artist and some of his prints can be purchased at his site.

Brazil does Brooklyn

This masked girl's ears are a trademark of Brazil's Sipros Naberenzy.
This masked girl’s ears are a trademark of Brazlian artist Sipros Naberenzy.

Sipros Naberezny is a Sao Paulo, Brazil artist who seems to specialize in unique caricatures. They are always colorful and his style is unique and recognized in an increasing amount of places worldwide! This one is on the corner of Troutman and St Nicholas in Bushwick. ( or @sipros_sipros at IG.


The Unofficial “Official” Dog

This work is by @urbanruben. The dog is “Brooklyn.”

Brooklyn is the unofficial dog of the Bushwick Collective so it is no surprise that he gets his own space. This was done by Ruben Ubiera, a Dominican Republic born artist quite known in NYC. You can check out more of his world at

Foxx News


Another interesting mural with a messasge, by BKFoxx, in Bushwick.
Another interesting mural with a messasge.

BKFoxx is a Long Island New York based artist who does it all with spray paint (like several others). She has many realistic works of art in the New York area. She can be found on her site I couldn’t get a straight on shot due to a delivery van of some sort but the piece was too good to pass up!

A typical up and coming corner in Bushwick, brooklyn.
A typical up and coming Bushwick corner.

This was the corner next to the BKFoxx mural and her art was done on this local business. Walking in Bushwick leaves no shortage of local bars for a bit of a break.

The Artist at Work

It is quite normal ona random day to find the artist at work on his or her installation or mural. Most of them are more than happy to answer a question or two. Many appresiate a little fanfare and in this case the artist, Sara Erenthal was immediately recognized by her style as she had done a mural in Montreal that was remembered by my companion as well as a few others chatting her up.

A group of liberated women show stregnth in the work by Sara Erenthal.
A group of liberated women show stregnth.

Sara’s work and info can be found here: She has quite an interesting bio!

A Mixed Wall

Three unique styles on one wall, in Bushwick, Brooklyn.
Three unique styles on one wall.

This wall with Biggie (you don’t recognize?) to the left (done by the previously mentioned Sipros, has three unique images. The one in the middle was done by Franck Duval, quite an accomplished Parisian artist! ( ( The final masterpiece to the right was done by and artist Santiago Spirito known as Cabaio, an Argentine! I found him at ( ) with his IG @cabaiospirito.


Legends New and Old

Art images of Cardi B and Biggie in Bushwick, Brooklyn.
Who doesn’t recognize them? A local made sure I respected the new “queen”.

Last but not least for this post is of course one of the most popular walls in the local streets. A local walking by me made sure I recognized the reigning “Queen” of Hip Hop ( to many its true but I will stay out of the debate) Cardi B. If you don’t know who the Notorious B.I.G. is by now, I am lost for words, haha! Cardi in all her glory was painted by Lexibellart ( inspired by photography by Justiceapple ( and digital art by Jessi Jumanji ( ). Big ups to all the artists as many murals are inspired by another work such as a photo, although this post is focused on the actual paint work as seen on a street mural do check out all the ladies, they are great artists all.


Where is Bushwick?

There is street art all over New York but we were advised that we would find some good stuff here so we jumped on the L train and got off at the Morgan Avenue Subway station and walked town Bogart St, Thames St., Flushing Avenue, Wycoff Avenue, and peeked into the streets that crossed those for hidden gems that I didn’t post here but are waiting for you! The L station at Jefferson St. will put you in the middle of it all.

As usual, thank you for stopping by and sharing a traveler’s tale. Please leave a comment below and share an experience of your own.

I haven’t posted as quickly recently as life can get in the way as we all know. Feel free to follow my IG @traveler922 or the FB page and leave me a message anytime! I have some posts i am working on with some photos I am still going through an hopefully a good trip in the next few months universe willing. See ya next time! Thomas G.


  1. I am a frequent traveler and frequent travel blog browser. Too often, travel bloggers post their pictures and make the entire story about themselves in different locations, instead of conveying information about the locations themselves. This was a terrific article. I loved the insights you gave. It’s great when you read about a travel experience and it actually conveys an identity about the location itself. I will definitely be back to read more!

    1. Thanks! It is also like photos that never really convey the place. I want people to see what I saw. Less of me, and more of the place though of course I will talk about my experiences. The goal is to show my experiences in a way that tells a story and also tells and shows the reader about the location that they could also be visiting. Well I try anyway. I do appreciate your stopping by!

  2. Hi, Thomas. What a beautiful page. The few times I have been surrounded by street art was quite special, even though the quality was not a good as the art you have photographed here. Thank you for sharing your journey into Bushwick with us. You have inspired me to add it to my list of places to visit.
    Kind regards

    1. I appreciate you stopping by! The street art in Bushwick, Brooklyn changes moods and colors regularly. i hope you do get a chance to visit New york and have that among your experiences!

  3. Hi Thomas,

    Those are some really good photos. I love the “Protect Yaneck” painting. I can’t believe she was able to make that look so realistic with spray paint. I wonder how she does it.

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