Pictures & Stories: Random Pics in Asia

A butterfly on a flower in Mae Hong Son province, north Thailand.

When traveling and taking pictures, some stand out to you more than others. You hand pick certain ones to help explain a narrative to use in articles and that leaves you with many others. Each picture tells a story of it’s own though, even out of the context of the other scenery. The butterfly above taken alone is but a random pic taken on the road while in Mae Hong Son province in the north of Thailand. (Wrote about here.) Something that caught my eye among the myriad of scenes in the plains outside of the jungles and forests or the nothern highlands. A color that caught my eye in a sea of green. It looks to be a butterfly called the Commom Jay that is found in much of Southeast Asia.

The vast valley below the mountains of North Thailand.
The vast valley below the mountains of North Thailand.

Although green is mother natures main color, reds will certainly stand out to my eyes as well as that butterfly.

Below us is a young boy in red supporting at the time footballer Michael Owen of Liverpool in the English Premier League. He didn’t seem to be too bothered with the strange adults running around with their camera’s at the time. He appears to be one of the local Shan or Karen ethnic group kids, though we’re also near the settlements of the local Yunnan descendants to north Thailand.

A local ethnic Shan youth in North Thailand.
This local boy seemed in spirit older than his years!

We were maybe a 20 minute motorbike ride from the Burmese (Myanmar) border and many ethnic Shan have migrated to this area over the last century as well as the Kayin (Karen) tribes due to various problems in their desired homelands.

In this same region of Thailand, besides the thickly forested mountains there are lush plains and small hills full of and river valleys. Wet rice farming is done in the valleys and here you can see ladies hard at work.

Rice pady workers in North Thailand.
A few of the people who proudly bring food from the earth. (Klaudette)

We moved north to Bangkok to the Chatuchak (Jatujak) market, the largest weekend market in the world with more than 15,000 stalls. In this one though, the afternoon heat and the empty store at the moment led to a bit of an opportunity for some rest!

Tired workers at the world's largest weekend market in Bangkok, Thailand!
Personally I am a napper too! Any time any place! (Klaudette)

Elsewhere in Asia!

Though I don’t sunbathe, the view we left behind was certainly worth the sun!

Back to Ha-Long Bay, Vietnam! We talked about ths location before if you would like to do a quick read. Riding on an old junker this is the view we left behind. It is such an incredible sight to see almost no other large vessels around you. We docked on a small island called Cat Ba to have a rest and see the town and I saw this single fishernman near our boat in the harbor.

A fisherman near Cat Ba island in Vietnam.
The old man and the sea…


Kampuchea is the more formal name of the country of Cambodia, used by the Khmer people. Locally they say Srok Kmae or “Land of Khmer” or “Khmer’s Land”. We took a stroll through Siem Reap looking at some of their ancient structures and ruins in the posts about Phnom Bakheng, Ta Prohm, and the Cambodian Beauty. This young beauty below was a Khmer girl working the crowd with her best English trying to sell us anything related to the area from guidebooks to cards. This was over a decade ago! Bless her heart! I hope she  grew up OK!

a young Khmer lass selling Angkor Wat related materials in Siem Reap, Cambodia.
A smart young lady whom I hope grew up well!

While walking though the ancient temples I was taking a photo with a low shutter speed. Not really knowing what I was doing and without a tri-pod I acidentally got a ghost. Someone moving in the photo who basically looks like an apparition. Spooky but cool!

Two ladies sit in a temple viewed through openings with camera made apparition.
To the left you can see my “ghost” in the image.

These images always bring back memories for me and even though they were not my better photos they have a meaning to me. Pictures always speak. Listen to them. They have a feeling. When you travel try to capture what you saw with your eyes and take yourself back to tha moment some time in the future. You will be amazed at what your mind brings back to you in more ways than a memory. A mood, a scent, images that you had forgotten still locked into the centers of your brain. Some will call you back as if a dream. Some, you may have trouble recalling. The photo though, will never lie to you. It is up to you to interpret what was once in front of you.

Selfies are fun…but they were never in front of you (unless you are snapping a reflection!)

Well, thanks for stopping by and going down memory lane with me!

Leave a message below and I will see you with more pictures and stories in the future!


  1. What spectacular images. Thank you for sharing. I would love to take an adventure to SE Asia…definitely is on my list. Also it would be quite interesting to read an article on the “food” on this journey. Thanks for extending such beautiful memories. Keep up the great job!

    1. Thanks! I love asian food but I am not a “foodie” so to speak. I see everyone eating something and I eat it too! If its good, I eat more! So I never really got into the details of the food, I just eat Thai, Vietnamese, etc whenever I get the chance! In recent years I am trying to be a little better at that, but I am more into what is outside to see versus what I wolf down haha! But trust me it is deeeelicious!

  2. Wow, these are great photos thanks so much for the post! I love learning more about foreign countries and how they live. What their daily lives may consist of compared to what I may do… I’m sure it would be such culture shock! But I still want to go 🙂
    Thank you again!

    1. It is more excitement than shock. If you study enough about other countries you have some knowledge and know what to expect in many places. For me it is only fun!! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. As you say, pictures bring back memories and yours did just that. I went back to my trips to Thailand in the early 90’s ans was transported to the Myanmar – Thai border whilst on a week long motorcycle trip that took us to the border town of Chian Mai. Or further south, in Chumphon, waiting all day for the midnight fishing boat that would take us to the virgin back then, Koh Tao which has now turned into a diving mecca. Only a picture can remind me of what I saw then. They retrieve the memories burned into the wrinkles of my mind and make them live again. Thank you for making this possible with your photos and post. Very much appreciated!

    1. It has been a long time and maybe it is calling you back!!! I too have been to Koh Tao taking the same route over a decade ago! Yes it is a diving mecca now and I worry about the island! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you return!!

  4. I feel like I have just visited this beautiful country
    You have done such a wonderful post here and the photos are glorious
    I especially loved the young boy with the old soul and also the people sleeping
    The culture is incredible and thank you so much for sharing this and I hope millions of people join you here
    Enjoy and all the very best

    1. Thank you for a heart felt comment. It means a lot. I just want folks to feel a small piece of what I did in visiting a different place. Thanks for the encouragement!

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