A Day Walking Around Old Guadalajara, Jalisco

Catedral de Guadalajara (Catedral de la Asunción de María Santísima), or the Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady, in Guadalajara, Mexico.

I was lucky enough about a decade ago to take a couple of weeks wandering around Mexico. A BFF of mine was getting married so I HAD to go but I was the happiest I had ever been to attend a wedding, seeing as I am not the wedding kind of guy! It was late August to early September and the weather was mostly nice to me. I didn’t really know how to take a good photo, and I don’t know a lot more now than I did then but I did find a few shots that may be interesting as I spent a day walking around in old Guadalajara.

The featured image of this thread is of the Cathedral of Guadalajara, located in the Mexican state of Jalisco. This beautiful Spanish Renaissance style building (with neo gothic spires) was completed in 1618 although there have been several renovations over the years due to earthquake damage, that caused the most recent towers and dome to be done in 1854.

Guadalajara is located in the western Mexican state of Jalisco, famous for tequila and the big bay where Puerto Vallarta and a lot of other other coastal beauty is located.

Around Centro Guadalajara

Palacio de Gobierno del Estado de Jalisco. (The State of Jalisco Government Palace)
Palacio de Gobierno del Estado de Jalisco. (Government Building of the state of Jalisco.)

It got a little rainy one day as I was walking around the old church. This small square called Plaza de Armas looks out towards the south side of the cathedral, though the front is the western side. The dome on this side is actually the Sagrario Metropolitano, (the Metropolitan Sanctuary) the Catholic Church.

Looking Across the Plaza De Armas.Looking Across the Plaza De Armas.

The next day or so with the government palce of the state of Jalisco to the right.

A popular touris excursion in many colonial places.
A popular touris excursion in many colonial places.

Just after the rain the horses are ready to get back to work.

Horse and carriage at Plaza de Armas in Guadalajara.


Statuue of Beatriz Hernandez, and early settler in the history of Guadalajara.
Statue of Beatriz Hernandez, an early settler.

The city of Guadelajara was founded in 1542 at its’ present location after several attempts at other places in the region. the Spanish colonials came under attack from local natives as the Spanish had already taken native slaves by force. One of the settlers rumored to be important to convince the local settlers to stay was a lady named Beatriz Hernandez, a brave woman who is honored with this statue in the shadow of the dome of the old  Templo de Santa Maria de Gracia which served as the first cathedral.

The fountain of the peeing children/boys or Fuente de los Niños Miones.
The Fountain of the peeing boys.

In a plaza down the street from the Hernandez Statue is the “Fuente de los Niños Miones” or the Fountain of the Peeing Boys. It was completed by local sculptor Miguel Miramontes, and gets lots of attention. It is basically 4 boys spraying water from their bodies into the pool. It is a famous local attraction in the Centro district.


Across the fountain toward the Museum., "Instituto Culturo CanabnasLooking across the fountain toward the Museum.


The People of Jalisco

Even though most demographics will tell you of over 50% of Mexicans being mixed race mestizos, everywhere you turn Native American/Amerindian bloodlines from North, Central, and even South America are evident. In the larger cities like Guadalajara and Mexico City of course a lot more Euro ancestry is present.

Local teens in Guadalajara Jalisco.Local teenns in the square.

Local old town musicians in Guadalajara.

A local girl plays for tips with her accordion, in Guadaljara, jalisco Mexico.A local girl plays for tips with her accordion.

Well that was a short look at the central area of the historical district of Guadalajara in a few pics! Thanks for stopping by and as always, leave a comment below.

Till next time, Thomas at Solofrontier.



  1. You’ve captured the beauty of the people and buildings in Guadalajara perfectly! I’ve heard of the Fuente de los Niños Miones a lot, but always thought it was in Mexico City. Thanks for teaching me something.

  2. I have never been to Jalisco, but I may have to go check it out now. Learned a lot of information about it and it looks like a great place to visit! Thank you.

    1. The area around Jalisco has a lot to offer besides a bustling big city with much to do. The coast is stunning and the interior has all the outdoords stuff to please those folks. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I love reading about potential new places to visit, and hearing about others experiences in places I’m yet to explore. I’ve not been to Mexico and it’s always been somewhere that sounds fascinating to me. Being from Australia we would need to add a few other places to that list to get the most out of such a big trip.
    I loved seeing your photos, they transported me away and have given me the travel bug yet again! I’ll be bookmarking your site to see more of your adventures. Have fun!

    1. To be honest, with the awesome coast of Jalisco and the huges city, you can get a lot out of it. There is also Mexico City which is where you will probably fly into. That is several days in itself. I know the lure is to do more because things are so far away but too many of my down under pals try to do too many places because of the “only chance” mindset. The states for example is too big to do a lot in a short time. So pick an area and get maximum enjoyment!. A friend from Sydney just did NYC for 3 weeks. There is always a lot to do there. That said I really don’t think you need to add a few other places. You end up beat up from travel. But if you get the right flights you can spend several days around Mexico city, or Guadalajara and Puerto Vallearta to the west, or the Yucatan peninsula. Swimming in underground pools called cenotes (cenotays), and seeing old pyramids. There is really enough in Mexico that you will enjoy without trying to squeeze in another place.

  4. Thanks for this post. I haven’t been to Mexico but it is definitely somewhere I want to go so I enjoyed reading about Guadalajara & seeing your pictures. It looks quite European to me – I guess that is the Spanish influence? Sounds like the area surrounding Guadalajara is beautiful too?

    1. The city of Guadalajara is in Jalisco state. To the west is the beautiful western shore around Puerto Vallarta and other beautiful shore towns…there is Chapala Lake a little closer to the city than the shore, the Sierra del Tigre forest, Tapalapa and other older towns nearby. There are several places within an hour of the city to get a wonderful trip to see the valley around the city. It is a big urban center but the centro area is quite historic and there are more modern upscale areas to visit also. The European look in the center is of course the Spanish influence but you will be surprised at the small pockets of French and Italian influence and the food is heavily influenced by the international cuisine of their northern neighbors, but also regionally from the native people before the mixing of Euro colonialism. It is quite an interesting place. I hope you get to go. Thanks for stoping by!

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