Best Street Food New York City: 99 Cents Pizza!

New York City style, plain, thin Pizza.

As your walking through the concrete canyons of of Gotham City/the Big Apple, sights and sounds will throw you. Some will be expected, some not. Who you will see will vary from day to day from Asian businessmen in bespoke suits to UN diplomat wives from India in flowing sarees to hearing languages that sound unintelligible to you but clearly understood by several around you. One thing though, will be constant. These streets will make you hungry, and that hunger can be satiated easily, quickly, cheaply and deliciously: with a 99 cents NY slice! All over the isle of Manhattan, they offer the Best Street Food in New York City.

This is not a single chain but a bunch of copycat formula just-enough-room-to get-out-of-the-rain joints, with a slice of pizza, serving it up New York City Style. For the uninitiated that means a thin hand tossed and twisted dough with a thin layer of smooth red tomato sauce and dry grated mozzarella. Additional toppings over the cheeze as you like. The slices are usually wide and or long and they will flop over upon lifting which brings in the one handed skill.

Hold it Down!

Fold the slice lengthwise in half and watch the oil pool toward the center. This will make it easier to hold and the tip will usually flop over at the end. Add red pepper flakes or oregano or both and enjoy! The crust is just thicker only at the end toward the web of your hand as you eat, and if you eat enough in NYC you will notice a local flavor! They say it’s the soft unfiltered water! The local mineral content after it flows from the Catskill mountains through miles of pipes adds its part to NYC pizza dough the same way water adds to the local cheesesteaks in the Philadelphia metro area!


So how to partake in this urban culinary delight? Well on my last GOOGLE input of 99 cents pizza I found at least 16 places in Manhattan from the lower island to central park. Then they get more scarce as you travel up town. (Not that there aren’t many other NYC style pizza joints!) There are 8 in midtown and a couple in the west village, although there are 3-4 east of Lafayette street. They thin out below Houston street with the exception of one a couple of blocks from the Delancey street subway entrance on Orchard, but luckily in lower Manhattan there are other thin sliced options. Unfortunately there are also the usual chain crap joints that are nationwide

Cheap Eats!

Many times there will be a two slices with a 12 oz canned drink for under $3 bucks. This special runs often at several joints, especially at lunch time.

So while you are beating the streets of the city and trying to beat the budget tankers with souvenir shops and photo ops with naked cowboys and superheroes, burn off some calories by walking an extra few blocks to the nearest one on your Google map and taste local NYC fare. If sliced bread with cheese, is your style , I am sure you can find those kinds of places on your map, just like the same places you have in Kansas and Toledo.

My current favorite is toward the east village between 5th and 6th streets on Avenue A, just a couple of minutes from Tompkins Square Park. It’s about a 12 minute walk from Union Square, so there is your exercise!

Thank you Young Sok Yun for your photo of an NYC style thin/plain pizza! as always, leave a comment below! Do you love NYC style Pizza as much as me?

Avenue A Pizza 99 cents Pizza, New York City.
Avenue A Pizza spot in the East Village.


  1. Your post oozes the smells and tastes of urban food! Beautifully described, giving me the chance to imagine I’m right there! Will plan a trip to this city some day soon, so this is just the sort of thing I’ll need to refer to for tips of where to go and give these foods a test run!

    1. Awesome! There are many and if one doesn’t cut it the next one may. There are options for good snacks all around the city. One doesn’t have to break the bank in NYC. I hope you get to go! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I miss NY. I had the opportunity to visit quite often with my old career, but have not been in a few years. Street food in NY is the best. It’s like having a hot dog in Chicago. And most times, the worse the place looks the better the pizza. I have gobbled many a slice both day and night. Can’t be beat.

    1. I agree. You can’t tell by the look of the place. That is true all over the world! I haven’t been in a few months but will get back soon! Thanks for stopping by!

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