Barcelona Solo: A Random Street.

Looking north west on carrer de la marina, or the marina street.

Barcelona, Spain is a magnificent city full of a mix of culture from the Catalan and Spanish backgrounds to a number of groups of people who have come to live here from all over the globe. Sometimes taking photographs while strolling solo is a bit more than the famous landmarks we have all heard of such as the Sagrada Familia, and others.

Looking east toward the Sagrada Familia.
Looking east toward the Sagrada Familia.

Actually walking the streets of the city just to see the everyday life is just as interesting as tourist destinations. In the photo opening this piece, I was leaving the Sagrada Familia, just as enthralled as everyone else and I randomly decided to walk toward the sea, about a mile and a half down a street or “carrer” in local Catalan language, called “Carrer de la Marina”.

Passing through the Fort Pienc Neighborhood I came to an over pass and looked back in a north west direction, upon the road I have traveled. Row after row of apartment buildings with homes crawling up the hills in the distance and the towers of the grand Sacred Family to the left. Seeing the view, my eyes absorbed the city as more than the individual attractions, but as a city of real everyday life. I stood in the center of the street, luckily at a moment when cars were not in the center lane but only bikes.

A local family with the grandparents in Barcelona.
A local family with the grandparents.
Along the street in Barcelona.
Along the street in Barcelona.
Carrer de la Marina and Carrer de Pallars intersection.
Carrer de la Marina and Carrer de Pallars intersection.
Carles I Park, Barcelona.
Carles I Park.

Strolling through a city on a random street gives you a feel for how things are away from the big crowds. You see the occasional tourists but there is so much to absorb. Local faces and businesses and just people going about their day. No one trying to sell you and relaxation so easy. It leaves you with more of a feeling for the real sides of the city.

Eventually the street..”Carrer de la Marina”, takes you to the shore. You now feel a million miles away from the streets. The Beauty of Barcelona.

The view towards the W hotel from the marina, in Barcelona.
The view towards the W hotel from the marina.

Thanks for taking a quick walk with me. Hopefully you will see Barcelona for yourself. Click on the Momondo box on this page and look for a ticket! You will be happy you did!

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  1. Wow, I almost feel as though I have been there before. Wonderful job describing what you saw.
    I was wondering, are the Sagrada Familia, and sacred family the same thing. Also is the beach isolated from the city? Is it crowded?

    1. Yes, the translation would be Sacred family but you will not hear that said. It is always Sagrada Familia. It is an incredible sight up close. Gaudi, the famous architect, never finished it but they are still working on it now. If you look on a map you will see that the city goes right up to the beach. Having said that there is a long kind of walkway separating the sand from the main streets in one main section , but no it is not isolated. It does feel like the center of the city is so far away when you are sitting there on a nice fall day without the summer crowds. It is so peaceful at times. thanks for stopping by. I hope you visit Barcelona one day. Avoid the hot summer!

  2. Barcelona looks like a really beautiful city. I have heard and read so many nice things about it, especially the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona designed by Antoni Gaudi. I just wonder why it was left unfinished until today. Any idea?

    By the way, what’s the weather like in Barcelona? Do they have 4 seasons?

    1. Gaudi took over the project from another architect and died well before he was done. As far as the weather, Barcelona doesn’t get very cold, having fall like weather most of the year besides summer. Thanks for stopping by!

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