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Hello and welcome to this site solofrontier.com. This site is geared toward helping new travelers and those considering hitting out on their own, especially abroad! While traveling we all like to document the best pictures we can as we travel our own frontier. We are here to give ideas to help those of like minds. Even if you travel in a group, there may come a time when you venture out on your own!

A Little About Me…

I’m Thomas from a smaller area of the east coast.  Growing up in a small local place is fine in itself but I always wanted to see the world outside. Coming from a family where the means to travel didn’t exist made the desire to do so even stronger! I managed to make it through school, through university and slowly started to creep out into the world around me. A $99 student discount ticket to L.A. was my first cross country trip, several trips to the Big Apple , less than two hours away, and a 12 hour drive south to Atlanta, were some of my early getaways that I scratched up money for.

It wasn’t until I lucked into a job abroad and got my first passport that my life dream of seeing the world started. First Japan, then Thailand and Cambodia and Vietnam. Next Mexico and SeoulSouth Korea, then Singapore and Hong Kong. A few places repeated and eventually I made it to Canada, to Lisbon, to Munich, to SwitzerlandItalyMorocco, Cyprus, and Spain. I may have forgotten a few. I took busses, trains, planes and cars around the states and I still am trying to learn more about the world around me! I am not a rich guy, but travel is no longer the exclusive domain of the rich!

Why A Website?

I know there are many people out there who love travel or DESIRE to travel and haven’t taken the plunge. I know there are other folks who love to share the memories they have of the places they have been..even if for their own personal online or physical photo albums. They also want to know how others have experienced things before they take the risk. Also if I can support myself and help you as well why not?

What We Will Do, Together.

If you are following me then I hope that WE can grow TOGETHER and learn about the world around us. I hope you can take the first steps to seeing the world outside of your everyday and if you are seasoned then you can help me as well. This is really just something fun I have always wanted to do and hopefully I can interest you in travel or traveling more. I will be showing you things that I have used or want to use and buy in order to help support me and the site. Full disclosure. I will use as many of my own  photos as I can. Some will be outside sourced. The photo on my main page is of the town of Amalfi in Italy a recent trip I enjoyed! Also, I have some future trips planned that I hope to share with you!

Please leave any comments you want to share in support below.

All the best,

solo frontier solo travel

Thomas ,


  1. I love it! Keep living your dream! Inspiring others to do the same and sharing your passion through this site! We love you and wish nothing but happiness and success for you!

  2. Thomas,

    I just read through your site and it is chock full of valuable information. You have been to so many places, I’m sure you have tricks up your sleeve to help some of us who have traveled, but find ourselves stuck in a rut.

    Looking forward to learning more!

    1. I think we all who have traveled a lot or lived somewhere abroad extensively like you and I, have gained some unique insight versus who we were before or who we were BECOMING before. Traveling resets our software. Changes our current view. Sometimes we don’t realize until we get home. For others it may reinforce their view if they are already rigid. The thing is to get out of your everyday in some small way…it doesn’t always involve far away travel, but it certainly can be a huge stimulus! And one more thing,…there are those who have crazy wild ways to gain travel like the credit card free points manipulators to the working on an organic farm somewhere types. Everyone knows enough to assist someone! We always look for the expert but sometimes for that ONE thing, we are the expert. thanks for stopping by!

    1. Hey thanks!! I have much more to see at your site! Wow! You really have been around! I hope in the next decade of my life I can get in as much as you have in a year. I have never been a cruise guy but I may have to try! thanks for stopping by!

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